There are many significant advantages in having a wireless network, outweighing in many cases the cost and restrictions that a wired network would impose
We have implemented WIFI access points in offices, restaurants, homes, terraces, hotels, conference rooms and gardens. We design and implement WIFI for temporary events too.


    For your home or business, we bring you WIFI coverage to wherever you decide.
    Secure guest access, guest portal (hotel) and multiple SSID are just some of the options we could implement.


    For your restaurant terrace, your swimming pool area, your garden, or even in a public park, Ubiquiti Access Points are frost and water resistant.


    For anything temporary outside or inside, if you do not have WIFI and you need some, we get you covered for the number of days you choose. And if your location is without power, we will bring you power.

UniFi Wireless Access Point is our brand of choice. They are reliable, with flexible management, great speed, and the cost is low (no license fee!). They feature the latest network hardware, including 802.11ac as well as indoor and outdoor access points. They also offer a scalable solution ranging from a few users to several hundred.

  • We take network security very seriously; our installation procedures take your wireless network to a top-notch security level. Once installed regular updates maintain the security at its maximum level.


A network is the heart of the security and reliability of your IT. Ubiquiti provides great solutions, from firewalls to switches. From 1 G to 10G networks, we design and implement powerful solutions for your single to multi-office environment.

  • Performance reliability scalability security


We work with different brands of cameras and NVR (network video recorder) appliances to tailor your needs.  The cameras can be installed indoors or outdoors and are ablt to work day and night. They capture at least high definition video and could (depending on the model) carry a microphone and speaker. They allow you to have access to live views on your desktop or mobile devices from anylocation.

Sensors could also be used to further narrow any risks, such as contact, detection, vibration and water sensors.

  • WORK

    Monitoring the physical security of your critical assets can rprevent unauthorized access and thereby protect your critical systems and data.

  • HOME

    Protecting your home and looking after your kids from anywhere in the world at any time.

  • Security cameras will deter and reduce acts of burglary, making your home 300% less likely to be broken into compared with homes without surveillance cameras.


Our solution allows you to target issues before they severely affect your business

We provide you with a complete monitoring of your IT infrastructure. Based on the world’s leading solutions and industrial standards, our set-up is very powerful, flexible to your environment and non-intrusive. It brings you a real-time visibility of your whole IT network and provides an immediate notification of triggered issues, by any of your preferred means: visual, text message, e-mail…

Its versatility allows it to be installed for every monitoring purpose -from hardware to software, to critical lab equipment, environmental sensors and just about anything you can think of. Our solution will allow you to have an eye on it all, using just one tool

Our solution is readable from anywhere and at anytime with an immediate and easy understanding of the root problems. Simple and playful displays will inform and reassure anyone in your company, from the IT expert to the company manager.

  • Typical monitoring possibilities:
    Air-conditioning, disk space, database health, MS Exchange, network bandwidth, RAID status, printer supplies, Windows Active Directories, anti-virus, water leak detection, lab refrigerators, freezers, ultra-low temperature freezers, incubators, environmental chambers, environmental sensors including humidity, temperature, airflow.