• We are Creatives.
    We Design and Develop Smart Solutions for Your Needs

  • ITISNEW is a tiny company, specialized in IT infrastructure, WIFI, cameras, and monitoring. It was founded by IT experts, who have successfully implemented IT infrastructures, ensured security and practiced audits all around the world for over a decade.

    We work upstream, avoiding you loathsome wasting of time and productivity

    In addition to this core job, we offer further services to support you in the daily operation of your IT structure, i.e. audit, control and security management

A strong partner

Using our experience, we will bring you a custom solution that will make your IT more reliable and more secure.

We currently provide:

  • A scalable solution: a bespoke service, adapted to your current and future needs and maximizing your resources.
  • A solution that allows you to stay in control of your IT: safety, backup and prevention are back in your hands!
  • A clear budget: our solution adapts to any budgets; your cost requirements are respected.

The Team

We are three people, in their late thirties, two of them with an extensive IT background, and one who is an administrative gem.

Together, we combine more than 40 years of experience in the IT business. We have managed teams, sorted out thousands of problems, created servers all around Switzerland and dealt with security and safety for small to medium sized companies locally and abroad.

We are now spreading our wings to bring you our knowledge, experience and technique to ensure your company has a safe IT environment and a trustworthy team you can lean on.

Company number (IDE): CHE-232.982.444


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